Ten 33

    A network that it created to support all first responders and to protect and prepare schools for the worst to come


  • What it is

    • Ten33 is an Incident Command Information Center software platform designed for key responders during critical incidents and in normal response / recovery.


    • Versitile and simple to use, this web-based program providesyou with critical information, when you need it, where you need it.
  • Law Enforcement

    Ten33 protects law enforcement by allowing them to easily connect to school cameras from their MDTs. It also allows them to pull up schematics and know the layout of buildings and even domestic violence victims homes can be mapped out with the software so if a hostage situation ever happens, police have schematics of the home at their fingertips.

    Fire Fighters

    Fire fighters are able to create detailed response plans with schematics; AED locations; water access locations; chemical SDS's and so much more.


    Ten33 can be used to store crucial information that allows EMS to respond more efficiently. Sometimes all EMS needs is a key code to a building to be able to enter but have to find the owner to be able to get in.. Codes; key holder information and other building information are easily accessed via Ten33.

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    School Lockdowns

    When an unauthorized person enters a school and is perceived as a threat, the entire school goes into a "lockdown" where every room is locked and unaccesible to the unauthorized person that can potentially cause harm to anyone in the building. soon into the lockdown the police arrive and investigate the school for the unauthorized person or threat and remove them or it from potentailly harming others.


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